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Havona's mission is to revolutionize global business with integrity, ensuring fairness and sustainability for all.

Connecting brands, suppliers and consumers through smart technology

Transcend the status quo and revolutionise the way you do business. Join us in creating a future where trust, fairness and sustainability are the pillars that shape our world.


Providing digital infrastructure to support the global push towards ethical commerce

Smart technology
Harness the power of AI and Blockchain for efficiency, transparency and fairness
Collaborative efficiency
Streamline communication, negotiation and production management
Creativity respected
Creative journeys and processes are turned into active, valuable assets

Pioneering Change in Fashion.

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The fashion industry is the second most damaging industry on Earth.

Havona’s cutting-edge technology enables the fashion industry to pivot to a more ethical and sustainable model.

We bring efficiency to production management for all parties with built-in trust, verification & transparency.

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If you are a brand or supplier who cares about ethical production, we invite you to sign up and become part of our movement.

Our mission is to uplift humanity and safeguard our planet by establishing fair & ethical world commerce.

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