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Havona is where innovation meets ethics and artistry. Our company is dedicated to creating a transparent and responsible trading ecosystem that benefits everyone.

A new standard in ethical and sustainable smart commerce for businesses, artists, and consumers.

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A call for change

Humanity is facing major problems with unfair distribution of profits and opportunities.


In many of today's supply chains there is widespread disregard for the planet and its people. The need has never been greater for a solution that addresses human inequality and our environmental crisis.

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A revolutionary solution

Havona connects suppliers, farmers and artisan communities, to brands and consumers.

Integrated with intuitive artificial intelligence, smart collaboration tools, blockchain enabled transparency, and a state-of-the-art marketplace.

Engage with exciting projects on Havona's dynamic discovery feed

A comprehensive supply chain management system

Simplify authenticity with verified smart contracts and more

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Paving the way

Havona is creating a future where fashion works for everyone


Havona is creating a future where fashion works for everyone

We are leading the charge in disrupting the fashion industry with an innovative and ethical approach to sustainability.

We support community growth, empower individuals, and promote ethical business conduct


Havona is a game-changer in the sustainable fashion industry.

Using disruptive technologies within the Havona ecosystem, users will be able to work together in a secure environment, ensuring fair distribution of funds along the supply chain.

Connect with Comfort

Work with Structure

Ease of Logistics

Total Transparency

Maximum Security

Responsible Commerce

Artificial Intelligence

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Blockchain Integrity

Connecting with our Communities

We care about people and
the planet


We care about people and
the planet

In 2022 Havona Team members traveled to India to meet, connect with, and begin onboarding our first suppliers on the the platform, including the Saheli Women, a group of sustainable and ethical textile artisans.

Multi Industry Application

Our technology can be adapted to provide support for multiple industries

We proudly align with 7 out of 17 of the UN

Sustainable Goals

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